Words on my Sleeve

16. Sagittarius. Explorer of the unspoken.

Sonnet for an Unbroken Heart

I saw you through the dust, across the room;
Your eyes, they held the sorrow of the lost.
The crowd ignored the way your monsters loomed;
Their souls have frozen ‘neath familiar frost.
They never seem to see you in their daze,
The pages of your soul remain unread.
I hear you calling through the smoky haze
The voice of screams unheard and tears unshed.
My darling, I will mend your broken wings,
Collect the shattered pieces of your heart.
For every time you speak, an angel sings;
Just listen, you will hear them from afar.
Through all the broken promises and lies,
I swear my love for you will never die.

  • 21 June 2013
  • 135